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Meet Bonni Trice

Bonni Trice

Bonni is an Estate Liquidator with a background in estate sales, furniture and home decor buying and selling, and store ownership. Throughout her professional career, she has taken a results-oriented approach that focuses on her clients and customers. She has been consistently recognized for her passion and dedication to providing her clients and customers with thoughtful services, appropriate choices, and in helping them make selections that fit their personality and pocketbook.

Bonni has established B. Trice & Associates Estate & Tag Sales. Her goal is to provide quality Estate Sale services to the Franklin County area, and she has assembled an experienced staff to assist her with the organization and management of the events. All sales are conducted with respect and confidentiality.

Prior to her establishment of B. Trice & Associates Estate * Tag Sales, Bonni owned a 3,000 sq/ft retail business (Act II), for the consignment of ladieswear and home decor. She developed the concept, layout design, marketing plan, community relations functions and managed the staff. All business support functions and new initiatives such as a business fashion newsletter were also her creation during the eight years of the venture. She also owned a similar successful retail business in Sonoma, California for some years while also serving as a consultant to other business ventures.

Bonni has lived in Ohio since 2000. Bonni is an avid yard and auction sale follower. Gym workouts and good books are also among her favorite things.